liz sergeant

Page 875 - Danger to Laundry Workers of Infection from the handling of soiled linen from in The American Journal of Public Health
Black & White print on paper 118cm x 84cm

‘Dirty Linen’ XAP

April 2013

The Dirty Linen Bin (awaits your contribution) Laura Dekker, Anya Charikov-Mickleburgh & Liz Sergeant
Mixed media Installation

Experimental, engaging, revealing - this relational artwork formed part of 'Dirty Linen', artist collective XAP's exhibition at the Curious Duke Gallery, London. Visitors to the gallery were invited to air their own dirty linen by completing a laundry list of their faults/vices. They could chose to peg it out on the washing line or toss it into the dirty linen bin. Disconcerting truths were exposed, shameful secrets revealed. Catharsis... A contemporary confessional for a society without religion. But what are we sweeping under the carpet? Should we re-examine our complacency, and face up to our complicity?

'Are my Hands Clean?'
Video 00:03:04
Using images from the web (authors acknowledged where possible), and set to a soundtrack by Sweet Honey in the Rock, some of the unethical links in the fashion industry's supply chain are exposed.

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