liz sergeant

The Tree of Values
Crabtree School Entrance Hall

MDF and Emulsion 2.5m x 3m September - December 2007

Backstage Mural
Crabtree School Outdoor Classroom / Amphitheatre

Emulsion on Brick 7m x 3m July 2011

Community Projects

I am interested in the role that art can play in the community.

I recently had the privilege of working on two projects with a local school. The 'Tree of Values' is a stylised version of the school logo, created out of different layers of MDF and painted in bright, fresh colours, which enhances the entrance hall and communicates the school's ethos in a bold and memorable way.

'Backstage Mural' provides a permanent backdrop to the amphitheatre of the newly designed outdoor classroom.

Brazilian Rainforest Mural

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