liz sergeant

Speaking of Charlotte

Video 7 mins 19 secs
June 2012

'Speaking of Charlotte' is one of a series of works inspired by activist, suffragist and social reformer, Charlotte Despard (1844-1939), who began campaigning in her fifties and continued until her death aged 95, despite being imprisoned in Holloway twice in her sixties. Her inspiring and optimistic message - that age doesn't matter, that it's never too late to make a difference - is communicated through performative scenarios which draw upon historical references to activism made relevant for today: the campaign leaflet, the bill poster, the marching banner and the rallying speech.

'Speaking of Charlotte' is a collaborative performance with six colleagues in Trafalgar Square, the historical site of numerous political rallies and from where Charlotte delivered many of her compelling speeches. The performance is a eulogy, praising her courage, integrity and passion as she campaigned for the disadvantaged and vulnerable throughout her long life.

Speaking of Charlotte - video

Sharing Charlotte

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