liz sergeant

A Chasing after the Wind

HD Video Projection 2 mins: 58 sec

October 2017

"Look on my works ye Mighty, and despair!"
Ozymandias P.B. Shelley

Proud and magnificent, prosperous and mighty; whether a Pharaoh’s statue or a Gothic abbey, eventually we are all worn down and reduced to ruin.
Where once existed the radiance of richly stained glass and the solidity of intricately carved stone, each reverberating with monastic chants and faithful prayers, there now remains negative space, nesting birds and forgotten promises.
The technology of the past is undone, redundant, destroyed. What is our response in the face of this futility?

This video was created for the 'Virtuality Mortality' exhibition in 14/15th October 2017 at the Ugly Duck, 47-49 Tanner Street, London SE1 3PL

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