liz sergeant

Tapping into your Imagination

Interactive Installation with sound
The Library, Pushkin House, London WC1A 2TA

29th Sept - 12th November 2016

The work is inspired by the playful story of The Runaway Fingers by Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky, where a celebrated concert pianist’s fingers detach themselves from his over-worked right arm and escape into the Moscow evening in search of freedom.
Tapping into your Imagination is an interactive installation which invites you sit at a writer’s workspace, explore the keys of a 1930s typewriter and shape your thoughts into words or sentences, paragraphs or pages, poetry or prose. Like the fingers in the story, will your fingers break free of their constraints and follow a flight of fancy towards freedom?

The Book of the Unknown Writers is a collection of the typewritten pages produced by visitors during the exhibition.

Talking Keys 19 mins
The accompanying sound work loosely follows the structure of a four-part symphony, and is a playful dialogue between the keys of the typewriter and the keys of the piano.

The Runaway Fingers
The work was created for a two-month group exhibition at Pushkin House, London by seven Russian, British and American visual artists based in the UK and is a response to the imaginative world of Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky (1887-1950), in particular to two remarkable short stories (translated into English by Joanne Turnbull) - “The Runaway Fingers”(1922), “Quadraturin”(1926).

The exhibition included Open Studios visits and a Symposium (3/11/16)

Installation images

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