liz sergeant

Everyone I've Ever Played with (1962-2009) aka the Playhouse

Chalk on Card 16cm x 20cm x 20cm
December 2009

Names are recorded in books, documents or on memorial plaques. Behind each name is a person, a life, a set of achievements, a web of relationships and connections to other people that we cannot begin to imagine from these brief, official records.

This work reveals such a litany of names in a new context, scrawled in chalk on the inside and outside of a scaled-down playhouse. Is there any logic or significance in their placing? The object evokes nostalgia, childhood, and despite being made of cardboard, it feels precious.

The work also parodies Tracey Emin's 'Everyone I ever slept with (1963-1995)' aka 'The Tent', and also references Douglas Gordon's 'List of Names'.

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